Solo Works

„Logic of Coincidence“  – the new album by ZBH

featuring the voice and thoughts of Luke Rhinehart.




„Sho Pen How Air“  : 

„Kepos Garden“:


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Luke Rhinehart                      Zeus B. Held

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 Track listing of (nearly) the entire album:

1.     The Glass Bead Dice Man  featuring Luke Rhinehart

2.    Who’s Happy here?  based on a theme by Johann Strauss

3.    Being & Time in Todtnauberg

4.    Sho Pen How Air

5.    Wittgenstein’s Balaclava

6.    Kepos Garden

7.    Five Beats on Tyche

8.    Surrender Your Soul featuring Luke Rhinehart

9.    7 Answers by Robert M. Pirsig

10.   Descartes‘ Dream of Lully

11.       Chaos in Sisyphus

12.       Stay Epicure

13.      Kant Can’t Dance

Zeus’compilation „Voice Versa“ is available on CD and a digitaldownload:

Cover     contains 18 tracks from ZBH incl. the Rockets  and Gina X    ZBH moog fiddle

further solo albums by ZBH:  Zeus‘ Amusement, Europium, Attack Times –

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